Vibrating screen leakage solution

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When designing and producing vibrating screen equipment, the design of the screen frame and grid frame should be accurate to millimeters, and there should be no gap between the two. Silicone seals are used to seal the entire mesh frame. This setting is to make the mesh frame and the screen frame contact more closely so as to solve the problem of material leakage.

Screen damage is caused by excessive feeding or long-term operation. If the single feeding amount is too large, the load on the screen will be increased, and the screen will be damaged under a long-term strong load. For this problem, the user can choose the automatic feeding system to achieve uniform distribution, so that the service life of the screen is extended.

During the operation of the vibrating screen equipment, the operator should check the screen regularly. If the output is too large and the precision of the under-sieve is not enough during the production process, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately for maintenance of the screen.

The seals of vibrating screen equipment mainly use silica gel or rubber seals. The seals play a sealing role on the one hand and buffer the friction of various parts of the equipment on the other hand to reduce noise problems. Therefore, when the equipment is found to produce noise and the operation of the equipment is unstable, please stop the machine for maintenance immediately. If the seal is found to be damaged, please replace it immediately.

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