Vibrating screen inclination angle adjustment method

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The adjustment of the inclination of the vibrating screen needs to be carried out according to the specific situation, and it should usually be kept between 1-5 degrees.
During the operation of the vibrating screen, the screen will produce a certain inclination, which will affect the screening effect and equipment life. If the slope is too large, the materials will not be evenly distributed on the screen surface, resulting in inaccurate screening and increased wear and damage to the screen surface.

How to adjust the inclination of the vibrating screen?

1. Shutdown adjustment
First, the vibrating screen needs to be stopped and the material on the screen body needs to be emptied. Then, check whether the support springs on both sides of the screen bottom are balanced. If the springs are found to be worn or deformed, replace them. Then, adjust the support springs on the left and right sides to make the screen body flat, control the slope between 1-5 degrees, and usually pressurize slightly on one side.

2. Operation adjustment
Add the material to the screen body and start running the vibrating screen. Observe the operating status of the screen body and pay attention to check the uniformity of the screen surface. If there is excessive vibration of the screen surface on one side, the support spring on that side can be appropriately adjusted to achieve uniform vibration of the screen surface. When there is obvious imbalance on both sides of the screen bottom, the machine should be stopped in time for adjustment to ensure that the slope of the screen body is always maintained between 1-5 degrees.

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