Trommel screen maintenance and troubleshooting

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The shaftless trommel screen is mainly used for grading treatment of belt-shaped and entangled materials. It is used for the classification of refractory materials, coal, fertilizer, sand field stones, and the selection of coal, coke, white ash, placer gold, and other viscous materials to make the product structure more uniform to meet the production needs.

Shaftless trommel screens are relatively more material-saving and have more room for screening materials. It is also easier to overhaul when the drum fails, so shaftless drum screens are also used very much. For example, it is used for pre-treatment of domestic garbage. It can screen out the required garbage. The advantage of shaftless is that it can avoid the entanglement of materials and the screening efficiency is relatively high.

LZZG trommel screen

Operation and maintenance
The trommel screen is reliable in operation and low in maintenance. The following points should be briefly noted during operation:
1. The drum screen must be turned on first, and then the feeding equipment should be turned on; the opposite is true when parking;
2. Before running, the fasteners of the drum screen should be inspected, and if loose, they should be fastened in time. In the future, the drum screen fasteners can be inspected and processed regularly (weekly or half-monthly);
3. The bearing seat and gearbox should be regularly checked for lubrication, and refueled and changed in time. The large shaft bearing adopts No. 2 lithium-based grease. Under normal circumstances, replenish the grease once every two months. The replenishment amount should not be too much, otherwise it will easily cause the bearing to overheat. Bearings should be cleaned and inspected once a year.
4. When the equipment is shut down for a long period of time (more than 30 days), the motor insulation should be shake-tested to avoid burning the motor.

LZZG trommel screen

General troubleshooting

Noise problems caused by loose bolts of trommel screen
Solution: Re-tighten bolts or other fasteners;

Wrong direction of rotation caused by wrong power cable connection of drum screen motor
Solution: replace the power cable in the junction box;

Click start delay problem caused by overload of drum screen motor or excessive delivery volume
Solution: readjust the delivery volume;

Inadequate ventilation or lack of lubricant in the drum screen box makes the gear box generate heat
Solution: Check and adjust the heat dissipation of the vent and add lubricant;

Drum screen motor heating problem
1. Reduce the load;
2. Tighten the connection;
3. Reconnect after checking.
4. Clean the heat sink of the motor;
5. Check whether the impeller of the drum screen fan is working properly to ensure smooth air circulation;

Clogged screen holes prevent the drum screen from operating normally
Solution: Clear the clogged garbage in time to reduce clogging.

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