This screening equipment is effective for coal gangue separation

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The gangue content rate of underground coal is generally about 10%~20%. The presence of gangue in the raw coal will seriously reduce the effective coal extraction efficiency of the main shaft. The underground coal gangue separation technology is adopted to initially separate the gangue in the underground coal to reduce the raw coal. The gangue content rate is conducive to the efficient upgrade of the main well. Using the sorted gangue to directly carry out gangue-filling mining or paste it into the working face after being made into paste underground can improve the mining efficiency, extend the service life of the mine, increase the recovery rate of coal resources, and reduce the impact of coal mining on the surface The impact of settlement plays an important role.

3 layer circular vibrating screen

50mm grading screening of raw coal is an important process before the underground coal gangue separation system, and a key step to ensure the effect of coal gangue separation. Therefore, the selection of reasonable and efficient screening equipment is the basis for the success of underground gangue separation.

As raw coal is sorted, it must be screened before it can be further processed. Generally, the screening equipment is directly arranged at the unloading place of the main conveyor belt. At this time, once the screening equipment fails, it will directly affect the mine production. ; If the screening is not thorough, a part of the fine coal will enter the screening equipment, which will greatly affect the screening effect of TDS. The reliability of screening equipment should be fully considered when selecting it. At present, vibrating screens and roller screens are the most widely used in raw coal screening.
Circular vibrating screen and linear vibration can be applied to coal particle screening.

Three deck circular vibrating screen

The advantages of vibrating screen are as follows
(1) The screen box vibrates strongly, which greatly disturbs the material and improves the screening efficiency;
(2) The structure is simple, and the screen surface is easy to remove and replace.

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