The use of stone powder produced in artificial sand making

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A large amount of stone powder will be produced in the process of rock crushing and sand making. There are many types of stones, and there are many varieties according to the mineral composition. As a stone resource, stone powder is also widely used. Therefore, the separation and recovery of stone powder in machine-made sand is appear crucial

1. A small amount of stone powder replaces cement as a cementitious material for concrete.

2. The influence of stone powder on the rheological properties of mortar. Part of cement, mineral powder and fly ash are replaced by stone powder and other qualities, and the yield stress and plastic viscosity of mortar are tested.

3 Stone powder is not necessarily calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is limestone, which is just one type of stone powder. There is also talc powder in the stone powder, which is used for making putty. There is also quartz powder, which is used as a support glass.

4 Stone powder has a wide range of uses, and the products made with it are ubiquitous in our lives, such as: plastic can be used in gypsum, paint, cosmetics, calcium tablets, cosmetics, clothes, toothpaste and so on. and other industries, creating a lot of added value.

5Ultra-fine stone powder: widely used in rubber, papermaking, paint, plastic-aluminum profiles, ceramics, cement, glass, smelting, refractory materials, medicine, food, daily chemicals, cosmetics, craft construction, advanced decoration and other production and application fields. Especially when applied to coatings and papermaking, it can directly reduce the amount of titanium dioxide used by 3%–10%, thereby greatly reducing product costs.

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