The most commonly used equipment for sand washing boats

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Wheel sand washing machines and spiral sand washing machines are commonly used equipment on sand washing ships.
1. The sea sand enters the vibrating screen from the silo through the conveyor belt, and the pebbles and shells in the sea sand are taken out through the waste belt.
2. After screening, the medium sand with a particle coefficient of 2.4-2.8 enters the wheeled sand washing machine for mortar separation treatment, which destroys the protective film on the surface of the sea sand, making it easier for the chloride ions in the sea sand to combine with the water flow.
3. The sea sand enters the double-spiral sand washing machine. The high-energy supercritical water produced by Taiwan’s patented technology is fully stirred with the sea sand, and the chloride ions are instantly physically exchanged based on physical principles to achieve the chlorine removal effect.
4. Use a linear vibrating screen to remove excess water from the sea sand, then enter the conveyor belt and send it to the finished sand storage yard.
In short, the core technology of sea sand desalination is to use wheel sand washing machine and double spiral sand washing machine to remove impurities and chlorine from sea sand. It can be said that the sand washing machine is an essential piece of equipment in the sea sand desalination process.

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