The difference between the two installation methods of vibration motor

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Horizontal installation

Horizontal installation means that the motor axis is parallel to the ground. It is generally used in vibrating screens and conveyors, and is suitable for horizontal feeding.

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vertical installation

Vertical installation means that the motor axis is perpendicular to the ground. It is generally used for in-line screens. It can produce vibrations in the circumferential direction and is suitable for screening materials.

The installation angle of the vibration motor should comprehensively consider the following factors:

Material characteristics: The particle size, shape, humidity, etc. of the material will all affect the working mode of the vibrating screen.

Work purpose: Different work goals, such as filtration, transportation, classification, etc., require different vibration modes and angles.

Vibration equipment: Different design specifications of vibrating screens, including screen type and area, will also affect the installation method of vibration motors.

Motor specifications: Different specifications of vibration motors will have different installation requirements.

Reasonable installation method of vibration motor can help improve the working efficiency of vibration machinery. When installing vibration motors, you must strictly follow the installation operating instructions and safety standards to ensure that the equipment is safe and effective and achieves the expected operating results.

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