What are the beneficiation methods of ilmenite?

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1. Ilmenite gravity separation method
The gravity separation method is to remove the gangue minerals in the ore through jigging, spiral chute, shaking table and other equipment after the ilmenite is crushed. It is mainly suitable for coarse-grained ilmenite.
2. Ilmenite magnetic separation method
Since ilmenite has weak magnetism, it can be separated from non-magnetic minerals by magnetic separation. If the magnetic field strength is not enough during magnetic separation, part of the ilmenite minerals will be discarded, resulting in a decrease in resource utilization efficiency. Therefore, the magnetic field strength is a very critical factor in the magnetic separation process of ilmenite.
Ilmenite mostly exists in the deposit in the form of complex solid solution, which easily produces ilmenite flakes with a higher magnetization coefficient. The magnetization difference with the gangue increases, making it easier to carry out magnetic separation. Some ilmenite sand ores contain a large amount of impurities and sludge. This kind of ore can first use weak magnetic separation to separate the iron ore after primary grinding, and then use strong magnetic separation to separate the titanium ore to improve the recovery of the ore. Utilization.
3. Ilmenite flotation method
Flotation method is a commonly used separation method for ilmenite, which can be divided into conventional flotation method, flocculation flotation method, agglomeration flotation method and carrier flotation method.
4. Combined ilmenite separation method
Magnetic separation + flotation method, gravity selection + flotation method, magnetic separation + gravity selection method, gravity selection-magnetic separation-flotation-electrical separation method.

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