Tailings Belt Filter Press for high efficiency tailing dewatering

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The tailings belt filter press is a new type of sludge treatment equipment. The tailing belt filter press is suitable for the dewatering treatment of mining sludge and construction waste sludge.

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Rapid dehydration processing

After the precipitated sludge is fully mixed with a certain concentration of flocculant in a static and dynamic mixer, the small solid particles in the sludge will condense into a large flocculent mass. At the same time, water is separated and the flocculated sewage. The sludge is transported on the filter belt with large gravity dehydration. Water is separated under the action of gravity to form sludge in a non-flowing state. Then it is clamped between the two upper and lower mesh belts and passes through the pre-compression zone, the low-pressure zone and the high-pressure zone from small to large squeezing force and shearing force. The sludge is further squeezed to achieve a large degree of mud Water is separated, and then a filter cake is formed and discharged.

LZZG Belt Filter Press Features

Flexible transportation and installation modular design for easy transportation and installation
Fast filtering speed, reasonable cake structure, low permeability of filter cloth, fast filtering
The high degree of automation reduces operating costs and reduces labor intensity.
The filtering process is flexible and convenient. The thickness of the filter cloth, the amount of washing water, and the speed of the filter cloth can be adjusted to achieve the best filtering effect.

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