Soil and stone screening and separation equipment

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The soil sieving machine is a vibrating screen used to screen the soil, including the sticky soil, which can be screened to remove stones, broken stones, rotting leaves and other impurities in the soil (including the sticky soil) And to classify soil (including cohesive soil), filter out fine soil with smaller particle size, and so on. For cohesive soil, the vibration frequency can be increased. The optional model has a linear vibrating screen, and the circular vibrating screen can be used for particularly large processing capacity.

After starting the crushing, conveying and sieving motors, the workers put the soil blocks into the feeding hopper, and the soil blocks fall to the conveyor belt after being hit by the rolling inner movable knife (three in each layer) and the fixed knife (adjustable). In the hopper, it is transferred to the soil sieving part. Using the eccentric linkage mechanism, the sieve vibrates back and forth. The soil blocks that meet the requirements fall under the screen frame, while the larger soil blocks, bricks, rhizomes and other debris are removed from the back of the screen. Fall into the ground through the hopper.

Composting trommel screen

Common usage problems
1. The improper power cord configured by the user has a small wire diameter or an excessively long power line, and the resistance increases, resulting in a voltage drop and insensitivity of the electrical control system.

2. The user short-circuits the electrical circuit and the power cord is directly connected to the motor. There are also short-circuiting of electrical components in the electrical control box, and there is also the problem of lack of equality of three-phase power. Irregular operation has caused the electrical system to be abnormal, and what is more serious is that it may burn the motor.

3. The soil moisture is too high. Because the soil moisture content is seriously exceeding the standard, the soil stuck in the crushing drum is not cleaned in time, resulting in poor crushing, overloaded operation of the machine and low crushing efficiency.

4. The working site environment is not suitable. Individual users move to work in the field. Due to the uneven site, the machine vibrates and the damage rate is high.

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