Single cylinder drum dryer size parameters

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Single cylinder drum dryer is mainly used in building materials, metal beneficiation, metallurgy and chemical industries. Moisture can be reduced to less than 1%.

The whole drying cylinder is supported by 2-4 pointing points. When installing, make sure that the contact point between the roller and the cylinder is parallel to the axis of the cylinder.

The support device adopts rolling bearing, which can reduce the friction loss when the cylinder is running, and is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

Small single cylinder dryer

Single cylinder dryer

A gap is reserved between the tire belt and the cylinder, the purpose of which is to strengthen the stability of the drying cylinder, and the tire belt can tightly control the cylinder during work.

The speed control system of the transmission system adopts a new technology – AC frequency conversion, which allows us to adjust the speed in a larger range and ensure the accuracy.

Among the single-cylinder dryers, the smaller models include 1.2×8.0, 1.2×10, and 1.2×8.0 single-cylinder dryers, with a cylinder volume of 9.0m³ and a production capacity of 1.9-2.4 tons per hour. The temperature is 3-5°, the intake air temperature is kept at 700-800°C, the main motor is 7.5kw, and the total weight is 9 tons.

1.2×10 model single-cylinder dryer, the cylinder volume is 11.3m³, the production capacity is 2.4-3.0 tons, the installation slope is 3-5°, the intake air temperature is 700-800°C, the main motor is 7.5kw, the total Weight 11 tons.

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