Sea sand washing and desalination system

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Sea sand contains a lot of chloride ions and is highly corrosive. If unwashed sea sand is added to the concrete, the strength of the concrete will be greatly reduced, and the concrete will peel off, break, and the ceiling will fall. At the same time, the chloride ions in the sea sand will also corrode the steel bars in the building. After the steel bars are corroded, the structure of the whole building is damaged, which greatly reduces the service life of the building. In addition, sea sand also has a strong ability to absorb moisture.

Can cleaned sea sand be used for construction?
After cleaning with the sand washing equipment of regular manufacturers, it can only be used in construction projects if it meets the construction quality standards of various countries (China standard: chloride ion content ≤ 0.06%). Therefore, the sea sand must be thoroughly cleaned, and LZZG can manufacture professional sea sand washing. machine, sea sand dewatering screen, sand washing sewage treatment system.

The sea sand washing system includes silo, vibrating screen, stone washing machine, fine sand recovery machine, dewatering screen, deep cone thickener, filter press.

Sea sand stainless steel dewatering screen

Sea sand washing process

The fresh water flushing method includes bucket filtering method and bulk water method. The bucket-type water filtering method can be operated on a narrow site, and each 1m3 of sea sand needs to consume 0.8t of fresh water, and the desalination time of each batch of sand is 12-24h. The scattered water method requires a large site, but the water consumption is small, the fresh water consumption is more than 0.2t per 1m3 of sand, and the desalination time of each batch of sand is more than 12h.

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