Sand washing plant wear parts list

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Sand washing machine is used in sand and gravel factories, building materials, chemical industry, highway, railway and other industries. It can remove impurities on the surface of sand and gravel. The sand washing machine will inevitably have various faults during the use process. This article shares with you the solutions to the faults of the wearing parts of the sand washing machine.

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Wear Parts Of Sand Washing Plant

1. The wear of vulnerable parts such as the propeller of the spiral sand washer and the counter-attack plate of the trommel is chisel abrasive wear. This kind of wear is the groove wear with strong surface strain and mechanical strain. The formation of the groove is due to the abrasive cutting into the metal substrate at a certain speed under the action of external force. After a period of slippage, it separates from the metal substrate, and then it is in the substrate. There are grooves on it. The formation of the groove depends on the magnitude of the local stress and the relative value of the hardness of the metal surface and the abrasive. Under the same stress, the greater the abrasive hardness, the easier it is to produce grooves. Due to the high hardness of the sand shimmerstone, the grooves produced on the metal matrix often occupy a major position in the wear.

2. The bearing part of the sand washing machine is a easily damaged part, which wears a lot during use, so it needs regular maintenance and regular lubrication to increase the bearing life. Generally check once every 2 months of work, and replace it immediately when it is severely worn.

3. After adding lubricating oil to the reducer for the first time for one month, the lubricating oil should be replaced in time, and the lubricating oil should be filtered when filling. In the choice of lubricating oil model, use higher viscosity lubricating oil in areas with high temperature.

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