Green sand, clay sand, water glass, coated sand, resin sand for sand casting

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Green sand, clay sand, and green sand are all the same. The binders are ordinary clay or bentonite. Since water is added during the sand mixing process, it is called green sand.

Mold sand casting, the main ingredients are silica sand + bentonite + coal powder + water mixed with sand in a certain proportion, then shaped and cast. The molding sand can be reused and the production cost is extremely low!
This is the so-called pulverized coal sand. When the sand mold made of it encounters molten iron, the pulverized coal burns rapidly to generate gas, which increases the permeability of the sand mold. It can effectively improve the surface finish of the product, increase the fluidity of running water, and appropriately reduce casting defects

The binder of water glass sand is sodium water glass, which is generally hardened by blowing carbon dioxide or self-hardening by adding a hardener.
The binder of coated sand is generally phenolic resin, which is slightly toxic and is generally used for sand cores.
The binder of resin sand is furan resin, and the resin sand shape will generate a relatively large amount of gas after pouring. At present, the quality of castings molded with resin sand is the best in sand casting.

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