Rotary drum screen construction method and material

Composting trommel screen

At present, the rotary drum screen used in compound fertilizer plants is composed of a central shaft, a connecting rib, and two sieve barrels and sieve cores with different apertures. If a fault occurs during the production process, maintenance is difficult and the maintenance cost is high;

Traditional drum screens have two main disadvantages

1. Rotary classification sieve consists of stainless steel sieve and stainless steel sieve. After damage, the whole sieve or sieve must be replaced. The cost of replacing a set of sieve is up to 100,000 yuan, and the cost of the sieve cylinder is more than 20,000 yuan.
2. The sieve holes are easily blocked, difficult to clean, and the classification effect is poor.rotary drum screen

Manufacturer of new drum screens

The purpose of the utility model is to solve the above-mentioned shortcomings of the existing rotary classification sieve, and provide a rotary classification sieve for producing compound fertilizer. The outlet sections are connected to each other. The sieve hole diameter of the middle section is larger than the sieve hole diameter of the inlet section and smaller than the sieve hole diameter of the outlet section. The center shaft 1 is fixedly connected to the sieve barrel through a set of connecting ribs.

The advantages of the new practical drum sieve are: 1. The double-layer rotary classification sieve is changed to a single-layer sieve, which simplifies the structure and reduces the investment in equipment. , Can be repaired in sections. 2. Three different pore sizes are set on the same sieve cylinder, the sieving and classification are finer, the sieving effect is good, the sieve holes are not easy to be blocked, and the output can be increased by about 20%.

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