Importance of retaining 0.075mm particles in sand washing

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For concrete cohesion, they believe that if there are fewer particles <0.075mm in the sand, the concrete will easily bleed, and the mixed concrete will be relatively dry and astringent. Therefore, the appropriate content of <0.075mm particles has certain benefits for the cohesion and water retention of concrete. When the mud content is 5% of the sand mass, the workability is good, but when it reaches 10%, the bleeding of concrete is more obvious. The mud content not only has some effect on the initial slump of concrete, but also has a great harm to the slump loss of concrete over time.

Use hydro cyclone to recovery fine sand

In the absence of admixtures, it is generally believed that when the mud content in the sand is <3%, the workability of the concrete is less affected, but as the mud content increases, the slump of the concrete continues to decrease. When it is greater than 3%, the workability of the concrete will be greatly affected.

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