Reasons for abnormal oil temperature of cone crusher

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When the oil circuit in the large cone crusher or the oil pipe of the thin oil lubrication system is blocked, it is easy to cause the oil pressure and oil temperature to rise at the same time (when the oil return pipe is blocked, oil leaks from the water and dustproof device, so that the water seal drains with oil, but the oil If the pressure does not rise), it is necessary to stop the machine to eliminate the fault; the eccentric shaft sleeve is partially faulty, when the oil temperature is > 55 ℃ and the oil pressure does not rise, the machine should be stopped to eliminate the straight bushing and tapered bushing fault.

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How to solve the abnormal oil pressure and oil temperature of cone crusher

When the filter is blocked, the oil pressure of the front and rear oil pipes is different. If the oil pressure difference is greater than 0.04MPa, the oil can be supplied without the filter first, and then the filter can be removed and washed, but the oil supply directly to the crusher should be less than 2-3h.

When the oil temperature is low, the oil switch is not turned on properly, and the oil pump is not running properly, there will be no oil flow in the oil quantity indicator. Although the oil pump is running, the oil pressure is less than 0.05MPa. It is necessary to heat the oil, turn on the oil switch, and repair or replace the oil pump. .

In winter, the oil temperature is too low, the safety valve fails or the oil pumping capacity is too large. When the oil supply pressure is too large, the broken cone will be lifted. The oil should be heated, the safety valve should be adjusted or the oil pump should be replaced.

Bearings, bushings, bushings, bevel gears and other parts are faulty, the ambient temperature is too high, there is no cooling water, the cooling water pressure is low or the cooler is blocked, causing the oil temperature to be greater than 60 ℃, stop the machine to eliminate the fault, and supply cooling water, Increase the cooling water pressure or clean the cooler.

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