The use value of quartz sand tailings

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With the continuous reduction of quartz sand raw ore available for mining, the purification and processing of quartz sand tailings has also become a technical issue that quartz sand production enterprises pay attention to.

High-purity quartz sand tailings have a lot of air bubbles, and metal impurities such as iron and aluminum are more difficult to purify, so the added value of quartz sand tailings is low, and the market price is relatively low.

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High-purity quartz sand tailings purification process

The treatment of quartz sand tailings should follow the basic process of crushing, roughing, calcining, water quenching, grinding, magnetic separation, pickling, cleaning and drying.

The crushed quartz sand tailings are roughed to remove obvious impurities, and then mixed with sodium oxide solids for calcination. After calcination, the quartz sand is showered and quenched to crack the quartz sand and remove the normal sodium silicate on the surface.

The quartz sand tailings are then pulverized using the ball mill equipment using a wet grinding process, followed by magnetic separation, pickling, cleaning, and drying in sequence.

The treatment of high-purity quartz sand tailings is actually based on the basic process of quartz sand purification, combined with the characteristics of quartz sand tailings itself, the purification production process has been adjusted, and the purification of quartz sand tailings has been better realized. Increase its added value, while improving the economic benefits of quartz sand production enterprises, it also realizes environmental protection and reduces the impact of quartz sand tailings treatment on the environment.

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