Purity of water washed quartz sand

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Principle: Water washing method is a basic quartz sand purification method, mainly used to remove sediment, impurities, etc. in quartz sand. After treatment with water washing method, the purity of quartz sand can be improved to a certain extent. However, the water washing method mainly targets physical impurities and has limited removal effect on chemical impurities (such as metal ions, etc.).

The purity of quartz sand treated by water washing method varies depending on the raw materials and processing conditions. Normally, the water washing method can increase the purity of quartz sand to about 90% to 95%. If higher purity quartz sand is required, other methods (such as pickling, magnetic separation, etc.) may be required for further processing.

The grade of SiO2 in quartz sand decreases as the quartz sand particle size becomes finer, while the grade of impurity minerals such as iron and aluminum is just the opposite. This phenomenon is especially obvious in quartz sand containing a large amount of clay minerals. Therefore, it is very necessary to conduct water separation and graded desliming of quartz sand raw ore before selection, and the effect is also relatively obvious.

Comment: Water washing and graded desliming are early and commonly used as a pretreatment method before ore selection, but their removal effect is not significant for thin film iron and adhesive impurity minerals existing on the surface of quartz sand.


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