Production process of shale ceramsite

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shale ceramsite screening machine

Shale ceramsite is made of clay shale, slate, etc. after being crushed, screened, or ground into powder, and then swelled. The light and coarse aggregate with a particle size of 5mm or more is shale ceramsite. According to the process method, shale ceramsite is divided into: ordinary shale ceramsite obtained by crushing, screening, and swelling; spherical shale ceramsite obtained by grinding, balling, and swelling.

The production process of shale ceramsite: mining – primary crushing – secondary crushing – fine crushing – screening – temporary storage – feeding – sintering – grading and screening of finished products – stacking – transportation (bagging). During operation, attention should be paid to the matching relationship between the feeding amount, coal feeding amount, kiln body speed, and induced air volume, so that they can be adjusted to a better process state.

The shale crushed by the crusher is screened and other processes are processed to form shale ceramsite, which can be used for light aggregate concrete for thermal insulation, structural insulation, and light aggregate concrete for structure. At present, the main use of shale ceramsite is to produce small hollow blocks of lightweight aggregate concrete and lightweight partition boards.

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