Preparation of Quartz Sand from Kaolin Tailings

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Kaolin is often used in industries such as ceramics, papermaking and refractory materials. The development of kaolin resources produces a large amount of tailings, and there are a lot of usable resources in the tailings.

At present, there are two main ways to use kaolin tailings. One is the separation and recovery of useful components, such as the separation and recovery of useful minerals such as kaolin, mica and quartz; the other is processing and reuse, such as the preparation of white carbon black and glass-ceramics. And craft glass and other products. With the increasing environmental pressure and the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction, the full utilization of kaolin tailings is imminent.

Kaolin Concentration Plant
Kaolin Concentration Plant

A kaolin mine in Hepu, Guangxi contains a large amount of tailings. The main mineral in the tailings is quartz. In order to make full use of the resources, this study conducted a beneficiation and purification test on the tailings. The test conclusions are as follows:

1. The main mineral of kaolin tailings is quartz, the gangue contains mica minerals, and there are very small amounts of rutile, chalcopyrite, zircon, ilmenite and pyrite. Due to the high content of impurities such as Al2O3, Fe2O3, and TiO2, the tailings need to be purified before they can be used.

2. The quality of quartz in the coarse-grained tailings grade is better than that in the fine-grained grade. Increasing the magnetic induction intensity can effectively reduce the iron content in the concentrate, and the +0.6 mm particle grade purification product can meet the requirements for preparing ultra-white sand for photovoltaic glass. Quality requirements.

3. +0.85 mm particle size grinding and purification, +0.60 mm particle size can be used to prepare photovoltaic glass after high magnetic induction intensity magnetic separation and pickling; +0.60 mm particle size can be used for purification after primary or secondary grinding For the preparation of TFT-LCD glass substrates.

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