The difference between Polyurethane screen and stainless Steel screen

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The vibrating screen filter is a key part of the equipment, which plays a decisive role in the quality of machine-made sand. There are many types of vibrating screens, and the applicable materials are also different.

Spring steel wire braided mesh

Spring steel wire braided mesh (also called steel wire mesh, high-strength steel wire mesh for concrete anti-cracking, spring steel wire welded mesh, spring steel wire mesh) is made of high-strength spring steel wire welded into a mesh structure by special welding technology. Because the tensile strength of its material is as high as 1470MPa, which is much higher than the tensile strength of ordinary steel bar 320MPa, it is suitable for 13-50mm coal screening.


Polyurethane screen panel

Polyurethane casting screen

1. Long service life and large carrying capacity. 2. High screening efficiency. 3. Wide application range, stronger industrial applicability, suitable for any type of vibrating screen machine and can be manufactured by measuring machine. 4. High screening accuracy. 5. Low working noise, in line with the environmental noise standard of the specification. 6. Significant economic benefits. Suitable for 30-100mm coal screening.

Stainless steel wire braided composite screen

The stainless steel filament woven composite screen is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, high-temperature resistant, strong tensile and abrasion resistance, stable filtration performance, fineness, high precision, and special filtration performance. It is suitable for sieving coal less than 3mm and has a high open rate.

String screen

The opening rate of the string screen surface is high, because the screen surface becomes the string vibration, and the cleaning ability is good. It is suitable for the screening of raw coal with a moisture content of 12%. If the moisture content of the raw coal is too high, the lower part of the string is easy to be blocked. . It is suitable for 3-6mm coal screening, not easy to block holes, and has a high opening rate. Users can choose a suitable screen according to the feed size, raw coal moisture, and sub-size.

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