Method for adjusting the amplitude of the vibrating screen

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Some customers have asked, how to adjust the sand and gravel vibrating screen to meet the screening requirements of more materials? Vibrating screen manufacturers said that the key to upgrading from the special type to the multi-function type is to make diversified adjustments to the screen, amplitude and excitation force of the vibrating screen to achieve the variability of these three parameters.

Method one, replace the screen. The particle size of the material varies greatly according to the different forms and types, so to achieve the screening of a variety of materials by the special vibrating screen, it is necessary to make the mesh of the screen changeable. Some manufacturers said that the simpler way is to buy multiple screens with different mesh numbers in the vibrating screen manufacturers or nearby manufacturers, and manually replace the screens according to the needs, which can achieve the screening of a variety of materials.

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It is worth noting that the screen is the component of the vibrating screen equipment in direct contact with the material, which is an important guarantee for determining the accuracy and output value of the material screening. However, many users often find that the screen is broken, and the industry suggests that users should pay attention to when operating the equipment: the oscillation force should not be too large, it should be within the range value of the equipment, and the amount of feeding can not be too large to prevent the screen from breaking. In addition, the quality of the screen is affected by the selection of materials, the thickness of the silk warp, and the placement of the warp and weft threads during weaving, so a good supplier should be selected when selecting related accessories.

Method two, change the vibrating screen amplitude according to the characteristics of the material. It is understood that in order to make the vibrating screen achieve a better screening effect on materials with different properties, it is necessary to adjust the amplitude of the vibrating screen accordingly, because different materials have different forms caused by molecular structures, and the requirements for amplitude are also different.

For example, materials with relatively heavy specific gravity and good fluidity are suitable for screening with low amplitude, while materials with poor fluidity generally need to use high amplitude to achieve better screening results.

Method 3: Adjust the vibrating screen vibrating force according to the output requirements and the difficulty of sieving the material. Adjusting the vibrating screen vibrating force is mainly by changing the angle of the upper and lower weight hammers of the vibrating motor.

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