Materials suitable for silica sand scrubbing machine

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How the scrubber works

Silica Attrition Scrubber

The motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the pulley (clockwise from top to bottom), the blade generates a negative pressure area, the material is fully stirred and washed, and the back blade is pushed out and flows along the barrel wall. Because the material is continuously pushed, after scrubbing The material is continuously discharged from the discharge port to complete the scrubbing work.

Applicable materials

The scrubbing machine is mainly used for the dispersion of mineral sludge, the removal and scrubbing of impurities on the mineral surface. It is used for the dispersion of mineral sludge and the removal of impurities on the surface of minerals. Applicable materials: quartz sand, silicon carbide, mullite, limestone, barite, potassium albite, wollastonite, dolomite, calcite, limestone. The unique tank structure and impeller configuration with high scrubbing strength increase the scrubbing strength by about 30% compared with the traditional scrubbing machine of the same specification. Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant tank lining and impeller are made of wear-resistant materials, which have high anti-corrosion and wear-resistant performance.

attrition scrubber interior

Product advantages

1. Low power consumption, high scrubbing and stirring intensity, and good effect
2. The impeller is located above the “pulp sedimentation zone”, which is easy to start, and the starting power is small, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator
3. Simple structure, large effective volume and small footprint
4. Low peripheral speed and long service life
5. The relative positions of the feeding, discharging and motor of the double-slot scrubbing machine can be made into different positions according to the requirements of users

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