Low-grade manganese ore washing equipment

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For low-grade manganese ore, ore dressing must be carried out. However, since most manganese ores are fine-grained or micro-grained and have a considerable amount of high-phosphate ore, high-iron ore and co-existing (associated) beneficial metals, it brings great difficulty to ore dressing and processing. Commonly used manganese ore dressing methods are mechanical ore dressing (washing, screening, gravity separation, strong magnetic separation and flotation) and special ore dressing methods (fire enrichment, chemical ore dressing, etc.).

Washing and screening

Manganese ore generally contains ore mud, which not only affects the grade of manganese ore, but more importantly, it will seriously deteriorate the effect of subsequent ore dressing (flotation, gravity separation and magnetic separation). Therefore, in open-pit mining or when there is a lot of ore mud, it is necessary to wash the ore first to remove the ore mud. Ore washing is to separate the ore from the mud by hydraulic flushing or additional mechanical scrubbing. It is mostly used as a pretreatment operation before ore dressing. Commonly used ore washing and desludging equipment include ore washing screen, drum ore washer, trough ore washer, low weir spiral classifier, hydrocyclone, etc.

Most manganese carbonate ores are washed, generally using vibrating screens to spray water. The product on the screen is the clean ore, and the product under the screen is returned by spiral classification and combined with the product on the screen. Overflow is discarded or further recovered manganese ore. Manganese oxide ore is generally washed once or multiple times using a double spiral trough ore washer with strong scrubbing.

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