Low-grade limonite beneficiation method

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Limonite is rich in crystal water, its iron content is not fixed, and its grade is higher than siderite (48%~62.9%). In addition, because limonite is easy to muddy during the crushing and grinding process, it is difficult to obtain higher quality. Metal recovery rate. In terms of mineral processing methods, roasting, strong magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation and their combined mineral processing methods are mostly used. Among them, the roasting method is similar to siderite beneficiation. The grade of iron concentrate is improved during roasting, but the loss is larger; while the iron concentrate obtained by single gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation and other methods is difficult to reach more than 60%; for The combined beneficiation methods include gravity separation-strong magnetic separation, flocculation-strong magnetic separation, and original magnetization roasting-weak magnetic separation. The specific process is selected according to the properties of the ore.

Coarse-grained limonite with a single particle size is suitable for gravity separation and strong magnetic separation. Coarse particles use gravity separation, and fine particles and slime use strong magnetic separation;

Low-grade, fine-grained limonite: suitable for flocculation-strong magnetic separation or original magnetization roasting-weak magnetic separation.

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