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Lime is one of the important auxiliary materials for steelmaking. The quality of lime directly affects the smelting quality of molten steel. Limestone will inevitably carry a lot of impurities during the mining process. The original screening process in the industry is difficult to remove, which greatly affects the quality of lime and ultimately affects the quality of steelmaking.

Shagang’s limestone washing production line can wash 300 tons of limestone per hour, and the washing rate is over 95%. Compared with the existing “vibrating screen + spray” washing method in the industry, its unique “drum” mode is the first of its kind in Shagang.

Walking into the limestone washing workshop of Shagang New Material Company, on a high platform more than ten meters in front of you, a huge “drum” is constantly rotating driven by machinery. Climbing up the steps along the escalator, I saw countless stones rolling up and down with the rotation of the drum, and the water jet sprayed from the water pipe in the middle of the drum gave the stones a “clean body” that was originally “disgraced”. At the exit of the drum, the shiny washed stones are automatically screened, and the stones that are uniform in size and meet the production requirements fall into the conveyor belt and are sent to the kiln for lime production. Small gravel and slag are sent to the classifier for sintering. The raw materials of the mine, the entire workshop does not see any dust.

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