limestone crushing and screening equipment

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As a building stone, limestone must be crushed into machine-made sand. For cement raw materials, crushing and grinding are required. Let’s take a look at how it’s made.

In order to make the collected limestone into artificial sand, we must carry out the following production process:

The production process of limestone machine-made sand is: feeding → coarse crushing → medium and fine crushing → screening → sand making → screening → finished product.

Limestone machine-made sand production equipment is: feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, screening, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine.

Limestone enters the jaw crusher through the feeding device for coarse crushing, then passes through the conveyor belt, enters impact crushing, undergoes medium and fine crushing, and finally undergoes preliminary screening. Those who meet the screening conditions will enter the next step of sand making machine to make sand. After that, it will go through a second screening. If the particle type gradation is unqualified, it will go back to the previous step for re-grinding, and if it is qualified, it will enter the sand washing machine for cleaning.

Limestone cement raw material production process:

1) Use a jaw crusher to crush the large limestone raw material, and then use a recoil crusher to crush it until it can be crushed into a particle size (15mm-50mm) that can enter the mill; otherwise, return to To the impact crusher, continue to crush;

2) The crushed limestone chips are transported into the hopper through the lifter, and then evenly and quantitatively transported to the pulverizer by the vibrating feeder for pulverizer pulverization;

3) The crushed materials pass through the classifier, and the materials that do not meet the requirements pass through the classifier, and then sent back to the main machine to continue crushing;

4) The finished product that meets the fineness requirements is sent to the dust collector through the air through the duct, and the recovered finished powder is sent to the finished product silo through the conveying equipment.

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