What is the feature and use of natural sand?

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What is natural sand? Natural sand is formed by natural conditions (mainly rock weathering), and rock particles with a particle size below 5mm are called natural sand. Including natural sea sand, lake sand, quartz sand, river sand or gravel sand (that is, the minerals are naturally broken into fine grains). Natural sand is a particle core body formed after being washed and rolled into rocks or pebbles by wind, rain or water flow, and has high strength. The natural sand is washed with water and river, so it feels more delicate.

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Natural sand is also the raw material for making chips. The raw material of the chip is silicon wafer, and one of the raw materials of silicon wafer is high-purity quartz sand in natural sand. In 2021, the global polysilicon annual production capacity will be about 631,000 tons, only a fraction of which will be used to manufacture chips, and silicon materials for semiconductors will only account for 5% of the total output of all silicon materials. Compared with the construction industry, the amount of silicon used in the semiconductor industry is very small. That is to say, most of the natural sand is used for infrastructure and housing construction, so the suspension of natural sand exports will be more affected by the construction industry, not the chip industry.

Cleaning and purification of natural sand

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Natural sand contains some impurities such as soil and plants. It needs to be processed by sand washing equipment before it can be further processed into raw materials for making chips. LZZG is a professional sand washing machine manufacturer, which can provide customers with various sand washing equipment and sand washing plant drawings. design.

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