How to use and maintain silica sand pulp scrubber

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Silica Attrition Scrubber

Scrubbing machine is suitable for beneficiation process, and the scrubbed materials are beneficial to flotation mineralization and re-collection. At the same time, the scrubbing machine is a high-concentration strong stirring scrubbing equipment. It is suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and other industries to scrub the surface of materials. The use and maintenance methods of the silica sand slurry scrubbing machine are particularly important.

The structure and principle of the silica sand ore slurry scrubbing machine: the machine is double-slot, and each slot of the scrubbing machine is equipped with an independent transmission system. Each slot is driven by a motor through a triangular belt to rotate the main shaft at high speed. Each main shaft is equipped with two impellers with opposite high-speed rotation directions. , the axial thrust and stirring capacity of the two impellers are not the same. The main shaft has two structural forms, and its installation position is related to the flow direction of the ore flow. The direction of the scrubbing force must be the same as the flow direction of the ore flow.

attrition scrubber interior

Use and maintenance:
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the foundation is firm, whether the bolts at the joints of each piece are fastened, and whether the belt is tight.
2. Sufficient lubricating oil is added to the main shaft bearing and checked once a week.
3. Fill it with clean water first, and then start the machine. After running for 1 hour, there is no abnormality before feeding and running. Do not run the machine empty.
4. The bearings of the main shaft parts adopt tapered roller series bearings, and the clearance must be readjusted after 6 months.
5. Do not start the machine with a heavy load. If it stops in an accident, it is necessary to discharge the grit in the tank to the surface of the lower impeller, and then fill it with clean water before starting the machine, so as not to burn the motor.

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