How to tension the vibrating screen mesh?

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The linear screen is one of the important components of asphalt mixing equipment. Its processing capacity and screening efficiency directly affect the production capacity and product quality of asphalt mixing equipment.

According to the static analysis of the tensioned screen, the screen used in the vibrating screen of the asphalt mixture mixing equipment is mostly made of orthogonal steel wires. Multiple support beams are evenly distributed along the longitudinal direction of the screen as support. The screen model can be simplified into a static Indefinite multi-span continuous beam.

vibrating screen mesh

Based on the mathematical model of the tensioned screen, theoretical calculations show that the bending deformation of the screen is related to the tension, the spacing of the support beams and the load.

1) Increasing the tension force and reducing the support spacing can reduce the bending deformation of the screen and improve the flatness of the screen surface.

2) Based on ANSYS, a finite element analysis model of the screen was established, and the influence of the tension size and support spacing on the bending deformation of the screen was studied, verifying the correctness of the theoretical analysis.

3) Increasing the number of supports can reduce the bending deformation of the screen, but when the number of supports reaches a certain value, the impact on the deformation of the screen will no longer be obvious if the number of supports continues to increase. In addition, increasing the number of supports makes the force on the screen more uniform and reduces stress concentration.

4) Increasing the tension can also reduce the bending deformation of the screen, but it will increase the stress within the screen. Applying tension to make the screen bear a certain prestress is beneficial to improving the flatness of the screen, but it should be less than the safe allowable value.

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