How to prevent the drum vibrating screen from being blocked

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To prevent clogging of the trommel screen, the key is to choose a suitable method according to the characteristics of the material.

1. When the particle size of the material is finer, the mud content is more, and the screening particle size is small, the moisture will play a decisive role in the blockage of the screen. When the moisture in the material is greater than 5%, if the material is unconditionally dried, the sieve surface and sieve holes should be selected in a targeted manner.

2. When the moisture is greater than 8%, wet screening should be used. For materials with more flaky particles, it is necessary to change the material crushing method and the particle size matching of different crushing methods.

3. Reasonably adjusting the tension of the screen is an effective method to reduce the hole blocking of the screen. A reasonable tension makes the screen and the supporting beam produce a slight secondary vibration, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of hole blocking.

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How to deal with the clogging of drum vibrating screen

The drum vibrating screen sometimes uses a mechanism on the fixed frame, and then the mechanism rotates to drive the belt mounted on it to continuously beat the surface of the sieve hole, so as to pump out the raw material particles blocked in the sieve hole. The disadvantage of this method in practice is that it will generate a lot of dust.

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