How many tons are one cubic meter of cement?

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Weight is equal to volume multiplied by density. Different types of cement have different densities. Ordinary Portland cement has a density of 3.0~3.15g/cm³, and a bulk density of 1~1.6g/cm³ (Bulk density is the free filling of dust or powder in a container In, the mass per unit volume measured just after filling is completed.) If you buy cement at home, you can calculate it according to the bulk density, which is about 1.6 tons per cubic meter.

General cement summary

1. The proportion of ordinary cement is 3:1, and the bulk density is usually 1300 kg/m3;

2, ordinary Portland cement 1.2-1.3 tons/cubic meter

3. Portland slag cement 1.4-1.5 tons/m3

4. If it is ordinary reinforced concrete, it is 2.5 tons/m3

Prospects for the sand and gravel industry

There is a high correlation between cement and sand and gravel consumption, which is about 1:8. At present, the annual output and sales volume of sand and gravel in the province is about 900 million tons, and the total demand has reached its peak. It is predicted that the demand for sand and gravel will drop significantly in about a year. In recent years, the high price of sand and gravel has led to a large influx of capital. It is predicted that the production capacity of machine-made gravel will be severely surplus in two years, and the price will drop sharply. Due to the large impact of transportation distance and financial expenses on operations, such as relying on loans to invest in large mines or restructuring and acquiring enterprises, the prospects are worrying and it is difficult to reproduce the effects of the previous consolidation of the cement industry. High-quality machine-made sand and recycled aggregates are the development direction, and recycled aggregates will continue to grow in the future.

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