How can waste stone be used and what equipment should be used?

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Equipment for processing waste stone into stone powder

The waste stone processing and recycling equipment is the mobile crusher. The mobile crusher is flexible in operation and can be moved with the crushing. It is very suitable for processing scattered waste stone piles. The raw materials do not need to be transported, and the equipment does not need piling and installation, which greatly saves time and operating costs. There are many types of mobile crushers with strong selectivity, mainly including the following:

Equipment for processing waste stone into stone powder

1. According to different walking modes, it can be divided into: crawler mobile crusher and tire mobile crusher. The crawler mobile crusher can move by itself. It is equipped with a wireless remote control operating system and is easy to operate. It is mostly used for wetland and climbing operations, even in the face of harsh conditions The working environment is not a problem; the tire-type mobile crusher needs to rely on the semi-trailer head for traction, so it can also be said to be a semi-mobile crushing equipment, which is mostly used for construction waste disposal, earthwork and so on.

2. According to the different configuration, it can be divided into: jaw mobile crusher, impact mobile crusher, cone mobile crusher, heavy hammer mobile crusher, mobile sand making machine and so on. It can be combined with multiple machines, the combination process is simple and convenient, the unit integration is effectively realized, and the scope of application is wider to meet your diverse production needs.

Waste stone is processed into stone powder for a wide range of uses

At present, domestic ore mining companies rarely pay attention to the reuse of waste stone materials, and pay no attention to natural stone waste materials, which are generally only discarded as garbage. In fact, the processing of stone waste into stone powder can be used in many industries and has a wide range of uses.

1. When making welding electrodes, an appropriate amount of stone powder can be added, which can play the role of slag formation and effectively prevent oxygen and nitrogen from entering the arc and molten pool.

2. Adding about 5% marble powder to the domestic coal can play a certain role in supporting combustion and save the amount of coal. In addition, it can also act as a desulfurizer, which can effectively reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide gas. to improve the indoor and outdoor environment.

3. It can be used for commercial concrete, foundation, waste rock slurry (mud) for the production of artificial sand, foundry sand and waterproof materials, such as: linoleum debonding powder, etc., for steel casting, easy to release film, gradually smooth, etc. .

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