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The appearance of glass sand is in the form of fine and irregular particles. Glass sand is mainly used for decoration of glass surfaces, such as glasses, lampshades, vases, etc.

Because glass sand is a non-metallic inorganic substance, it has strong chemical stability, smooth surface, and is not easy to wear. It is usually used for cleaning various molds such as extrusion, punching, rubber, and plastic. Cleaning, polishing of clocks, eye accessories, as a reflective material on marking lines, road cleaners’ work clothes, removing blockages in cylinders and pistons, etc.

The spiral sand washing machine can clean the silica sand and quartz sand to obtain high-purity silica. The spiral classifier uses the principle of different specific gravity of solid particles and different sedimentation speed in the liquid to classify equipment. It adopts polyurethane blades and has Good wear resistance, low noise.

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