Frac sand cleaning and drying process

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Fracturing sand production process

(I) The raw material quartz sand flows into the spiral sand washing machine from the elevator through the sand tank for rough washing;
(2) The rough-washed quartz sand is transported to the cylindrical sand washing and screening machine for secondary washing to reach the turbidity standard (100FTU;
(3) The clean water-washed quartz sand is stirred by a dehydration spiral sand washer to destroy the moisture layer on the surface of the coated sand particles for dry cleaning and dehydration;
(4) The dehydrated quartz sand is transported to the dehydration equipment with the main rotating axis and the level at 20-40 degrees and left to stand for dehydration, so that the water content is reduced to <20%, and the time is 20-30 minutes;
(5) The dehydrated quartz sand is conveyed to the rotary cylindrical quartz sand drying furnace through the belt conveyor I, the furnace body is heated to 90~120°C, and the quartz sand passes through the rotary cylindrical quartz sand drying furnace 25-30 minutes of heating to be dried;
(5) The dried quartz sand is dried quartz sand directly into the dry sand tank through the dry sand elevator, and the dried quartz sand is screened by a cylindrical screening machine, and the particle size is in the range of O. 425-0. 85 mm The quartz sand is quartz fracturing sand, which enters the finished quartz fracturing sand tank through the belt conveyor II.
[0013] The equipment of the production method for producing special quartz fracturing sand for oilfields consists of hoist, sand tank, spiral sand washing machine, cylindrical sand washing screening machine, dehydration spiral sand washing machine, dehydration equipment, and belt conveyor in sequence. 1. Heating furnace, furnace feeding device, rotary cylindrical quartz sand drying furnace, dry sand elevator, dry sand tank, cylindrical screening machine, belt conveyor 11, quartz fracturing sand tank and meter.

The cylindrical sieve rotates at a certain rotation speed, in conjunction with the washing of the water column flowing out of the water pipe, the quartz sand in the cylindrical sand washing and screening machine is rubbed and rubbed with each other to remove the attached surface of the sand to obtain clean water-washed quartz sand. A water pipe is connected to the top of the cylindrical sand washing screen, and the discharging groove is inserted into the cylindrical screen.

The dewatering spiral sand washer has the same structure as the spiral sand washer. The model is LX-750, which is purchased equipment. The structure is: the motor is connected to the reducer through a V-belt, the reducer is connected to the rotating shaft, and the motor is through a V-belt and reducer. After deceleration, the impeller on the rotating shaft is driven to rotate slowly for cleaning or dehydration. The support legs of the frame make the main body of the spiral sand washer incline, and the angle between the rotation axis and the horizontal plane is 5-15 degrees. The quartz sand used for water washing without connecting the water pipe is dry-cleaned and dehydrated by stirring.

Advantages of fracturing sand production line

1. The sand production speed is fast, and it takes less than 1.5 hours from the raw quartz sand to the special quartz fracturing sand in the oil field that is loaded into the warehouse. It can produce 7-9 tons of quartz fracturing sand per hour. In the existing production equipment, the washed quartz sand is dehydrated in the open air, which usually takes one day. In the dehydration process, impurities will enter the quartz sand, causing secondary pollution, affecting product quality, and being easily affected by the weather. The invention adopts dehydration equipment to solve the problem of dehydration. It only takes 25-30 minutes to complete dehydration while producing, which improves the efficiency of industrialized production and guarantees the quality of finished products.

2. The present invention can move a complete set of production equipment into the factory, so it is not affected by weather, environment and seasonal changes, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment and ensuring the quality of the product, and can realize industrialized production.

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