Four Measures for Increasing Recovery Rate of Clean Coal

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When the coal washing plant use poor-grade raw coal, the gangue rate can reach 60%, which seriously affects the production rate of clean coal and restricts the amount of washing, resulting in a linear increase in costs.

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In order to increase the recovery rate of clean coal, the plant has adopted a series of measures

The first is to replace the rope anchor screen of the raw coal system with a roller screen to prevent large pieces of gangue in the raw coal from entering the coal washing system, increasing the washing volume and the recovery rate of clean coal.

The second is to replace the collector of the flotation system with diesel, and contact the flotation instructor to give lectures on site to improve the operating skills of the staff and increase the extraction rate of float.

The third is to reduce the sampling error of commercial coal, increase the re-selection density, and increase the recovery rate of the clean coal through the precipitation of the floatation concentrate.

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The fourth is to adjust the main and re-selection density in time according to the changes in coal quality, to prevent the gangue from running out of coal and the middle coal to run out of fines, and to reasonably control the ash content of the cleaned coal while increasing the amount of clean coal.

Through the implementation of the above measures, the recovery rate of clean coal has been significantly improved, from the original 33% to 35%, and the benefit was increased by 680,000 yuan that month, achieving the goal of reducing costs and maximizing benefits.

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