How to extract barite from metal tailings?

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Barite, as the most important raw material for barium products, has very broad application prospects with the development of its deep processing technology. Effective recovery of barite from tailings can effectively utilize this part of the resource.

Researchers focused on barite in the tailings of Pingshui Copper Mine. After grading, particles larger than 0.074mm were discarded as tailings, and particles smaller than 0.074mm were recovered by flotation. Sodium lauryl sulfate was selected as the capture Using water glass as an inhibitor and water glass as an inhibitor, the final test yielded a barite concentrate with a BaSO4 grade of 91.68% and a recovery rate of 80.43%.

Researchers used the spiral chute desliming-desulfurization flotation-regrinding-barite flotation separation process for barite in the flotation tailings of Panlong lead-zinc mine in Guangxi, and obtained a BaSO4 grade of 96.89%. , barite concentrate with a recovery rate of 67.52%.

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