Equipment for producing asphalt stone

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The production line has a designed stone production scale of 3.3 million tons per year. The complete production line processing equipment includes 2 rod feeders, 2 jaw crushers, 4 cone crushers, 3 vertical shaft crushers, vibration 10 screens and 56 vibrating feeders.

Through the controllable and adjustable screening design, the output of materials of each particle size can be adjusted and the particle gradation of the finished stone and the fineness modulus of the finished sand can be controlled. Among them, working condition 1 can produce a total of 6 types of aggregates required for asphalt aggregates: 0-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-16mm, 16-26.5mm, and 26.5-31.5mm. Working condition 2 can produce It is suitable for 0-5mm, 5-16mm and 16-31.5mm aggregates of general commercial concrete. In addition, for aggregates of 5-31.5mm, you can choose to have plastic surgery or not to produce ordinary aggregates or high-quality aggregates.

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