Effect of coal mine flotation time on flotation effect

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The residence time of the slurry in each operating flotation tank is called the operating flotation time. The sum of the flotation time of the roughing operation and each sweeping operation is the total flotation time of the process.

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The appropriate flotation time is determined through slime testing. When the mineral flotability is good, the content of the mineral to be flotated is low, the flotation feed particle size is appropriate, the slurry concentration is small, and the chemical effect is strong, the stronger the aeration of the flotation machine, the shorter the flotation time required. Otherwise, a longer flotation time is required.

Increasing the flotation time can increase the recovery rate, but the clean coal recovery rate will decrease. At the beginning, the recovery rate increased significantly, but as the flotation time increased, the increase gradually decreased until it reached a fixed value.

In the flotation plant design stage, the flotation time determines the number of flotation machines of a specified model. Within a certain range, increasing the number of roughing and sweeping or the number of flotation tanks can increase the flotation time and help improve the flotation recovery rate.

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