The washed sand can be dewatered quickly through dewatering screen

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Artificial sand and river sand cannot meet the standards of construction sand if they are not washed. Sand washing machine combined with high frequency dewatering screen can remove dust, soil and other impurities in the material. The water content of sand passing through the dewatering screen is 15%~20%.

Components of a dewatering screen

dewatering screen structure

The dewatering screen is mainly composed of a variety of components, these components are the screen box, the screen plate, the exciter, the elastic support device, the flexible coupling.

The high-frequency dewatering screen has a reasonable structure, using a vibration motor as the excitation source, and the material is thrown to achieve the purpose of screening treatment. Slime dewatering before the machine system.

sand wash water treatment system

Advantages of using dewatering screens for material dewatering

  • The machine has advanced structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency and low noise, and adopts a new type of vibration motor for direct drive.
  • The screen is simple in structure and easy to maintain. The screen is made of high-strength metal mesh, which is durable, or polyurethane screen.
  • The machine base and hanging can be.

dewatering screen in sand washing plant

The use of high-frequency dewatering screen and sand washing machine can not only save costs but also improve the quality of sand products. To achieve a reasonable particle size ratio, reduce the mud content to less than 0.7%, the material with a large amount of water is processed by the high-frequency mud dewatering screen, and the water content is about 15%, which greatly reduces the moisture in the material and improves the quality of the material. .

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