What is the dewatering capacity of a dewatering screen

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The high-frequency dewatering screen uses a vibrating motor as the excitation source, and the material is thrown to achieve the purpose of screening treatment. It is mainly used for the classification and dehydration of small or tiny materials and the recovery of slime. It is especially suitable for the front of the plate and frame filter press system. The slime is dehydrated. Structural characteristics of high frequency dewatering screen.

1. The machine has reasonable structure, small size, light weight and low noise. It adopts high-quality vibration motor as drive.

2. The screen is simple in structure and easy to maintain. The screen is made of high-strength metal woven mesh, which is durable, or it is made of polyurethane screen.

3. Convenient installation, both seat type and hanging type are available.

XS sand washing machine

The high frequency dewatering screen is usually used in conjunction with a sand washing machine. The sand washed by the sand washing machine contains a large amount of mud and is too wet (large water content). The sand and gravel are cleaned by a sand washing machine, and then passed through a high-frequency dewatering screen for secondary water washing, hydraulic classification, desliming, and dewatering to achieve a reasonable particle size ratio and reduce the mud content to less than 0.7%. A large amount of water-containing materials are passing through The mud high-frequency dewatering screen has a moisture content of 10%-15%, which greatly reduces the moisture in the material and improves the quality of the material.

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