Cryptocrystalline graphite beneficiation process

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Generally speaking, the fixed carbon content of cryptocrystalline graphite raw ore is high, which can be as high as 80%, but the ore has fine grain size and poor floatability, resulting in great difficulty in beneficiation. In China, the beneficiation of cryptocrystalline graphite is mainly through manual separation, crushing, grinding and other processes, so as to obtain qualified products. Graphite ore crusher manufacturer.

However, for some cryptocrystalline graphite with low fixed carbon content, it must be treated by a new process, mainly for selective flocculation, hydrophobic flocculation flotation and other beneficiation processes. Among them, the most commonly used is hydrophobic flocculation flotation, the main process: for cryptocrystalline graphite through hydrophobic flocculation, flotation, the fixed carbon content can be increased from 89.62% to 96 20%, and the recovery rate is about 98.21%. The use of selective flocculation to treat graphite ore has many advantages, mainly due to simple equipment requirements and low ore processing costs. Compared with the flotation of cryptocrystalline graphite by ordinary flotation equipment, flotation column flotation can effectively simplify the corresponding workflow, and the advantages in the sorting effect are also obvious.


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