Correct operating procedures of the trommel to reduce failure

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Installation and debugging

1. The trommel screen is generally debugged by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, but unpredictable conditions may occur during the transportation of the machine. Therefore, after receiving the equipment, the user should carefully check and its various components to prevent improper transportation. influences.

2. Attention should be paid to equipment installation and debugging: (1) The deviation of the machine in the horizontal range should be less than two millimeters per meter.
(2) It is strictly forbidden to install other parts on the drum screen, which may affect the strength and rigidity of the equipment.
(3) Clean the site after installation, and no foreign objects like installation tools are allowed to remain inside and outside the screen cylinder.
(4) Check whether all the fasteners are firm and reliable, and whether there is any looseness. If they are not confirmed sideways, it is strictly forbidden to start the machine.

drum sand screening machine

Precautions for start-up and operation of trommel
1 The trommel must be started without load.
2 After starting, observe whether the discharge is normal. After the power supply is switched on, the standby device is running normally and loads the material evenly to the feeding port until full load. The screen should not cause too much impact during the material loading process. After the machine runs for 8 hours, the bearing temperature should be below 70 degrees Celsius. It can be put into normal use only after all the above conditions are normal. If problems are found, stop and adjust.
3 The operator should inspect the equipment once an hour to check the particle size of the discharged material and whether there is material leakage and dust
4 Check the temperature rise of the motor and transmission components and whether there is abnormal noise.
5 Check whether there is slag blocking at the inlet and outlet, and deal with it in time.

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