Guidance for Cone Crusher Replacement of Crushed Wall and Rolling mortar wall

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The crushing wall and the abutment wall are the parts that are easy to wear in the cone crusher. The material is directly crushed and crushed in the crushing chamber composed of the two. Therefore, the wear of the crushing wall and the abutment wall is relatively serious. In general, the service life of the broken wall is longer, and the service life of the rolled wall is relatively short, usually 5-6 months.

Of course, due to different processing materials, different working hours and intensity, different users also have differences in daily maintenance and maintenance, and the specific replacement cycle cannot be generalized. During the maintenance process, it is found that the wear is serious, and it must be replaced immediately.

Broken Wall Replacement Method

1. Before the broken wall is replaced, in order to avoid accidental injury to the operator due to splashing water vapor during the pouring process, the liner, body or adjusting sleeve of the cone crusher should be evenly preheated first;

2. After preheating, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil on the inner surface of the equipment liner, the body or the contact surface of the adjustment sleeve, so as not only to avoid moisture, but also to prevent the zinc alloy from contacting the liner, body or the surface of the adjustment sleeve. adhesion;

3. After the above operations are completed, place the crushing wall on the body and adjust its position, then pour it with a suitable tool. After the zinc alloy is solidified, carefully clean off the excess debris adhered to the end face of the crushing wall and other surfaces of the cone crusher. Zinc alloy, after finishing these operations, install the pressure sleeve, pressure cap, sealing ring, gland and cone head in place in turn;

The cone crushing wall is fixed on the cone body with a cone head, and zinc alloy is cast between the two. After the newly installed or newly replaced cone crushing wall has been working for 6-8 hours, its fastening condition should be checked, and if looseness is found, it should be repaired immediately fasten.

Replacement method of Rolling mortar wall

The rolling mortar wall can be replaced in the field. Unscrew the adjusting screw sleeve installed on the upper frame (pay attention to counterclockwise rotation), remove the hopper assembly in the upper chamber, lift the adjusting screw sleeve with hoisting equipment, remove the adjusting screw sleeve supporting plate bolts, and then take out the The wall of the lower rolling socket is replaced. When assembling, the outer surface should be cleaned, and the surface of the screw thread should be adjusted with butter, and fixed in reverse order.

There is a U-shaped screw on the rolling mortar wall to put it on the adjustment ring, and zinc alloy is injected between the two to make it tightly combined. When installing or replacing the wall of the rolling socket, check its fastening condition after working for 6-8 hours. And tighten the U-shaped screws again.

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