Common faults and solutions of the exciter

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Abnormal sound
Possible reasons: damaged bearings, loose fastening bolts
The solution is to update the bearings and tighten the bolts.

The temperature rise is too high
Possible reasons: 1. Bearing damage, oil cover and shaft friction
2. Lack of fat or too much grease in the bearing cavity
1. Update and repair
2. Grease according to the standard

Grease leakage Oil from shaft extension end
Possible cause: too much oil, fill oil according to the standard
Solution: Replace the sealing ring.

The vibration motor is leaking oil.

Cause: Bearing temperature is too high
Solution: Increase heat dissipation or heat insulation measures.

The vibration motor is not running smoothly.

Reason: The bearing is short of oil or damaged.

Solution: add grease or replace the bearing.

The vibration motor does not turn when it is powered on.

Cause 1: The cable is damaged or the wire wrap is damaged. Solution: Check the vibration motor cable and wire package.

Reason 2: The protective cover squeezes the eccentric block. Solution: Correct the shield.

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