Common failures of trommel and corresponding solutions

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Rotary screen is a kind of special screening equipment developed for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries. It overcomes the blockage problem of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen when screening wet materials, and increases the output of the screening system. And reliability, it is widely used in the separation of sand and gravel in the sand and rock yard, as well as the size and particle size classification and the separation of lump powder in the chemical industry and mineral processing.

The trommel screen is a relatively large processing equipment in the screening equipment. Although it does not have the complicated structure of the magnetic separator and the sorting machine, it has a large processing capacity during use. Therefore, it is inevitable that some mechanical problems will occur during long-term use. The faults. The following are some of the more important and prone faults, and the corresponding solutions.

1. Noise problems caused by loose equipment bolts

Solution: re-tighten bolts or other fasteners;

2. Wrong direction of rotation caused by wrong connection of motor power cable

Solution: Replace the power cable in the junction box;

3. The problem of slow start-up caused by motor overload or excessive conveying volume

Solution: readjust the delivery volume;

4. Insufficient ventilation or lack of lubricant in the box makes the gear box heating problem

Solution: Check and adjust the heat dissipation of the vents and add lubricant;

5. Motor heating problem


(1) Clean the heat sink of the motor;

(2) Check whether the fan impeller is working properly to ensure smooth air circulation;

(3) Reduce the load;

(4) Fasten the connection;

(5) Re-wiring after checking.

6. The sieve hole is blocked so that the drum screen cannot operate normally

Solution: Clean up the garbage clogged in the sieve in time to reduce clogging. Install the drum screen to release the blocking device.

drum sand screen in sand washing plant

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