Coal slime water purification deep cone thickener

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coal slime wash water treatment system

Deep Cone Thickener is a special type of thickener, similar in shape to a settling funnel, with a cone angle of 45° to 60°, a total height of 8 to 16 m, and a diameter of 5 to 10 m. The bottom is equipped with a rake device, which can be used for screw pushing. type or scraper type. Due to the large height, the bottom material is subjected to a large hydrostatic pressure, the material residence time is also increased, and it can be fully compressed, so the underflow concentration is very high, and it can even be transported by a belt conveyor. It can be used for tailings sludge water treatment in coal preparation plants , the feed concentration is 50 g/L, the underflow concentration is 200-800 g/L, the overflow concentration is less than 1 g/L, and the treatment capacity is 300 m3/h. The Φ5m×8m deep cone thickener developed by China University of Mining and Technology is used in coal washing plants.

When the feed concentration is 40 g/L, the processing capacity reaches 70 m3/h, which is 6-8 times higher than that of ordinary thickeners. The Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Metallurgy of the Nuclear Industry has designed a deep cone thickener with two specifications of Φ2 000×6 800 mm and Φ4 000×6 800mm. When used for enriching uranium tailings, the feed concentration is 11% to 30%, and the underflow concentration is 11% to 30%. 47%-58%, overflow concentration 50-100 ppm, processing capacity 5-9.8 t/(m2·d), overflow recycling, bottom flow can be used as tailings dam.

The deep cone thickener has a diameter of 5 m, the upper part is cylindrical, and the height is 6 m; It is fed into the machine under the screen. There is a stirring device in the machine, and the concentration effect is good. The overflow concentration is less than 0.1 g/L, the underflow concentration is 252 g/L, the clarifying speed is 45 m/h, and the processing capacity is 850 m3/h. for clarification of slime water.

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The principle of the thickener to purify the ore washing sewage

With the help of the gravity of the solid particles, the pulp is divided into two parts: clarified liquid and high-concentration sediment. This process is called concentration.

During the concentration process, the ore particles suspended in the slurry settle down due to their own gravity. At the moment when the subsidence begins, the ore particles sink with acceleration under the action of gravity, and then the resistance of the water increases due to the acceleration of the sinking speed of the ore particles, causing the acceleration to gradually decrease, until the resistance of the water increases to the same level as the ore particles. When the gravity of the ore particles is equal, the acceleration of the ore particles sinking is also reduced to zero, so the ore particles will settle at a constant speed, which is called the final sedimentation speed.


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