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The coal mine crusher is improved on the basis of the old-style hammer mill. It can be used as a coal gangue crusher and a special model for coal washing plants and brick factories. It can well solve the shortcomings of large water content in open-air production. The machine is designed without a screen and will not cause the problem of machine blockage. It can produce normally on rainy days.

In addition, although the crusher for coal mines does not have a sieve bottom, it uses two upper and lower rotors for crushing. It can be used for crushing vermiculite, coal slag, shale, and construction waste. It is the first choice for brick factories to use coal gangue as an additive.

Working principle of the coal crusher

When working in a coal mine crusher, driven by dual motors, two sets of rotors connected in series rotate at high speed at the same time. The material is crushed in the inner cavity of the machine by the upper rotor and is immediately broken by the hammer of the rapidly rotating lower rotor. The materials collide with each other at a rapid speed and smash each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and powder, and the cinder particles with a particle size of less than 3 mm are formed. This granularity can fully meet the requirements of brick and tile manufacturers as internal combustion bricks.

Advantages of coal mine crusher

1. No screen mesh castor bottom, high humidity material, never block

The crusher for coal mines is continuously broken by two rotors with two rotors. There is no sieve bar device. All kinds of wet slag can be broken, that is, it can be broken at any time when it is removed from the water. There is no phenomenon of stickiness and clogging. Controlling the size of the material only needs to adjust the breaking The gap between the hammer heads is sufficient, and it can be used as usual in rainy days.

2, wear-resistant hammerhead, more durable and more economical

Coal mine crusher uses a high alloy wear-resistant hammer head and a combination of hammer head and hammer handle. Only the hammer head is replaced, and the hammer handle is not changed. Unique shift clearance adjustment technology, no need to repair after the hammer head is worn, the mobile position can be used repeatedly, one hammer head can be used with three pairs of hammer heads.

3.Long component replacement cycle

The coal mine crusher rotates in two directions. Through continuous two-way operation of equal shifts, the wear between the hammer head and the crushing tooth plate can be evenly reduced, reducing the frequency of replacing consumable parts during shutdown.

4, convenient maintenance and repair

Easy installation, greatly improving the freedom of the equipment. Quick maintenance, the side door on the upper side of the crusher can be opened in the reverse direction, which makes the maintenance and replacement of the wearing parts of the crusher faster and more convenient, and shortens the maintenance time.

5.Uniform particle size, large crushing ratio and high output

Double-rotor two-stage crushing, large output, output granularity below 3mm, 80% below 2mm. The granularity of the output is uniform, and more than 20 tons of material can be crushed per hour, and the cost of crushing each ton of coal slag does not exceed 1.8 yuan.

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