What equipment is used to classify magnesite?

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Magnesite is a common carbonate mineral. The industrial value of magnesite is mainly due to the high fire resistance and bonding properties of magnesium oxide, and its ability to refine magnesium metal.

The industrial value of magnesite requires reasonable beneficiation, and the magnesite classifier is an important equipment for its separation. Grading is an important preparation process for magnesite processing. The conditions and results of the grading operation will directly affect the indicators of the subsequent operations of the mineral processing plant.

Magnesite grader

Magnesite classifier is the most common classification equipment currently used in grinding and classification systems. Because of its simple structure, reliable operation, and easy configuration with the grinding machine to form a closed-circulation grinding system, it is widely used.

Magnesite classifier performance characteristics
1. Heavy-duty rotor design and strict testing methods to analyze the rotor to ensure stability and reliability and high-quality rotor.

2. Secondary screening and classification can reduce metal ore. Due to the high density of magnesite, the enrichment phenomenon formed in the returned sand is expected to further improve the mineral processing technical indicators.

3. The advanced design of the adjustment device reduces downtime and maintenance time, and the unique spiral fixing device makes the machine more reliable during operation.

4. The sieve is used to perform secondary control and classification of the returned sand, which not only simplifies the classification operation control, but also maintains stable and high classification efficiency.

5. The fineness of the finished products sieved is uniform, and the screening rate is extremely high.

6. The grader occupies a small area and can be used with many equipments.

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